About Me


Brent’s biography is a work in progress. In both senses. It’ll have something to do with the power of the word. And probably mention making this list or that or brag about sales numbers–all in the third person so it doesn’t look so shameless. Is that the most important thing to know about him? He hopes not.

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What I’m Playing


This is a virtual trading card game, of which the most famous is Magic the Gathering. This one is considerably simpler, and thus easier to learn and cheaper to continue to play. This is a game with In-App Purchases done acceptably. Look, I sorta hate IAP too, but it’s here to stay. In many ways, it’s the only way to make sure that a company continues to support and innovate in a game. Otherwise, a year or so after launch…

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The Lightbringer Series

Broken Eye Animated Cover

The Night Angel Trilogy

Shadow's Edge Cover
The Way of Shadows cover