Russian Book Deal & What’s Next

I’m happy to announce I’ve signed a deal with Eksmo Publishing (Эксмо) to publish The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge. And of course I hope we sell well enough that they’ll buy Beyond the Shadows as well. I’d hate for a reader to never get to read Beyond after SE’s ending. It’s just cruel. (But it’s not a cliff-hanger. Really. There’s a satisfying ending. It’s just that there’s a big twist in the epilogue. Don’t peek!)

I’ve also had lots of queries about what’s next. I’ve addressed this on the forum, but you don’t want to pick through posts on some forum, your mouse-clicking finger is tired, you just want the deets, man. Fair ’nuff.

I’ve signed a new three book deal with Orbit. I submitted an outline, and so much happened in the story, they were like, “Looks like three books to us, but do what you think is best. We just want your next three books.” Sweet. “And we want them fast. Your deadline is a book each November.” Gulp. So the trilogy is (extremely) tentatively titled Black Prism. I’m working as fast as I can, and I’m really excited about what’s forming. It’s set in a new world. Think more 1500 Mediterrean Sea, rudimentary fire arms and magic together. Woot. But don’t worry, it’s not a pirates-and-their-peg-legged-mateys book. Cross my heart. But there are awesome characters, lots of action, much cooler magic this time out, secrets, lies, betrayal, and butt-kicking. You know, the good stuff. After this trilogy (if it is indeed a trilogy), I will be returning to Midcyru with a new series. And yes, numerous of the important characters who actually survived the end of the Night Angel Trilogy will show up. 🙂

Next week, I hope to be able to announce another foreign deal, announce the pub dates of the foreign deals we’ve already got, and maybe post a cover or two…

35 thoughts on “Russian Book Deal & What’s Next

  1. Ian says:

    Woot, a new series coming out!! Black Prism… i like it. Make sure to keep the updates coming about that! and thank god your going back to Midcyru, sure i’ll be in college and probably wont care anymore (sorry!) lol but I think it will attract alot more readers. Glad to hear you topped SM in something though, keep it up.

  2. julianolan says:

    Congratulations Brent, over Christmas here in hot and sunny Australia, several family members fought it out to read the whole trilogy. Sneak tactics like staying up and taking the volume when the other reader had fallen asleep, non attendance at beach parties, all night reading to get on to the next volume before the others got there! Had to buy another set in the end! Great plotting and strong characters. Best wishes from us all. Julia, kids and grandchildren!

  3. TheF says:

    *Currently devouring the third in the trilogy at an astonishing rate*

    I am very pleased you have another series in the pipeline and I can’t wait. Congrats and thank you for Night Angel.

  4. Allison says:

    I SO enjoyed your trilogy, I could not believe it. I bought it for my husband for Christmas and ended up reading it before him. I finished it on Sunday. I have two little kids at home, just returned to work full time, and have many activities outside the home, and I still MADE time to read your books. They were amazing!

    One of the things I was most impressed about was the fact that all three were out within a month of one another. That’s FANTASTIC.

    I can’t wait for what you put out next, thanks for writing such a great triology and I look forward to your November deadline!!!!

  5. hagelrat says:

    Break out the coffee press, no sleep for you till we have more books. 🙂
    *happy dance*

  6. Theo says:

    Hello from Greece!

    I just finished reading your first book and I love it! I already ordered the second and third. Can’t wait!

    Thank you for a wonderful story. Its been a while since a book drew me in this much.

  7. Mane says:

    Currently nearing completion of my second read-through. It was absolutely brilliant, no words do it justice.
    Only regret i have is that i’m going to be quite miserable waiting for the next Midcyru series. After i finished the trilogy, i couldn’t read a book for a week because i thought the others all sucked.

  8. Kat says:

    A great series. I amazed. I was shocked at how good this series was,
    and that it was all available to read at once. Once I started I
    couldn’t put it down and your books devoured a couple of precious
    weekends. I read a lot of fantasy and this is one of the best series
    I have read in ages. You have more content in each book than some
    authors manage in an entire series.

    I look forward to your next series (even if it is in a different
    universe) but I’d really love more Kylar stories:)
    You’ve been added to my favourite author list very quickly. Keep up the
    good work.

  9. Loki says:

    I must say awesome! I look forward to your next trilogy set. And since you are going back to Midcyru I hope the black ka’kari makes it back, the wit from it is absolutely entertaining! Good luck with your writing!

  10. Elkie says:

    Just finished reading the third book and tonight will start the trilogy all over again!!! There are many questions I have which need another read through to answer them, and I cant wait.
    I so hope Kylar is in your next series as I dont want this to be the end of such a magnificent character.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Finally got through the series (took me a whole week!) after the books being fed-ex’d from my boyfriend’s brother to his sister, to him. Once he finished the first one, I was hot on his heels to give me #2 and #3.
    Although now I feel like you’d appreciate it more if we’d all actually bought our own copies…
    Ah, well.
    AMAZING! I’m so accustomed to being underwhelmed by fantasy series’, I’m still trying to take in how beautiful and perfect and INTENSE these books are. You remind me of George RR Martin, with slightly less dying. So, better!

    Just wow.

  12. Shannon says:

    I was so glad to read this post, seeing as I was only on here to track down your email address and send you several pleading emails along the lines of

    Please write more. And now, right now!

    Thank you for reaffirming my faith in the fantasy genre just as I was beginning to lose hope.

  13. Shannon says:

    PS: Prequel? The origins of the black Ka’Kari? Please?

  14. revelation says:

    i agree with shannon prequel of kakari origins

  15. revelation says:


  16. Kyle says:

    Well, well and well, Mr. Weeks, I must admit that the night angel trilogy is quite remarkable, I bought the first one and immediately insisted on acquiring the other two. I’m currently devouring(reading) Beyond the Shadows and i must painstakingly(I’m a teenager, I shouldn’t enjoy books too much) admit that I cannot put your books down. Your books not only caught my attention but also changed how I view things, for that I must give you my utmost respect. I hope for the best with your new Trilogy(Black Prism) and i’ll most certainly dish out the cash to buy the series.

    “Night Angel Trilogy” Rating: 5 Stars( One of my personal favorites)

  17. revelation says:

    man i havent got one reply and when is march going to be put on here

  18. james says:

    just finished reading the trilogy, couldnt put it down great work, i cant wait for the black prism, will be buying those as soon as they come out

  19. Spencer says:

    I just wanted to say that your night angel trilogy is now my favorite fantasy series of all time(formerly held by the black company series by Glenn Cook)and I can’t wait until you bring us more stories about the night angels

  20. Конечно, как говорят, любопытное рядом! 🙂

  21. Winter says:

    Интересненькую тему для WordPress поставили. Сами делали или стандартную где брали? 🙂

  22. Blake says:

    Well I started reading Shadows Edge few days ago and im already more then 70% done the book couldn’t put it down.Brent Weeks u have really inspired me to read and I cant wait to finish off this trilogy and start your next trilogy “The Black Prism” looking forward to it.:)

  23. Tom says:

    Read them all glad a series building on is coming out, CANT WAIT FOR THEM HOPE BLACK PRISM MATCHES UP. Will both series be worked on together or will they be split up?

  24. Dean M says:

    Thought it was THE best series I have ever read can’t wait for more books Great Job!

  25. MG says:

    Thats great news!!
    This trilogy was THE BEST I have ever read.
    The new series sounds exciting but i honestly can’t wait for you to return to Midcyru.

  26. The man in Black says:

    Okay okay! Well problem 1#, Just kidding, fantastic books. What I’d like to see is probably a tie in to the Night Angel Universe. Something expanded. Yeah—Congrats on your success! A toast to a good book finished!

  27. Dave says:

    ‘On ya Brent, we love the Night Angel Trilogy here in Australia as well & can’t wait for the next trilogy, I mean REALLY can’t wait – I haven’t found anything else recently that I’ve enjoyed so much!

  28. Moey says:

    I finished the night angel trilogy over 10 months ago, I am yet to read a book since. The Night Angel trilogy truly raised the bar, to the extent that I stopped going to my local bookstore because I new I wouldn’t find something as good. I Thank You for the Trilogy, but I curse you for writing such a detailed and immersive series. I await your new series and plead with you to return to Midcyru soon. Congratulations and well done.

  29. Mike says:

    Let’s be serious, Brent. We just want that new series from The Night Angel’s universe. We all know Ninja’s > Pirates.

    But then again, I can see why you’d do this as to set yourself apart from being a one trick pony.

  30. Zack says:

    By far my favorite author.
    Keep ’em comin, I’ll keep reading.

  31. Matt says:

    I just finished reading the night angel trilogy. I couldn’t put them down. In fact I’m sure I got lower marks in school because of it. They were amazing and I can’t wait for your new series. Keep it up. You’re my idol :p

  32. Jeremy says:

    I recently bought all three of your books at the same time. I just came off from reading R.A Salvitors series about Drizzt ( 15 + books ) and i though nothing could compaire. The first time i tried to read your book i fealt sooo lost and dident understand Azoth …. thats how far i got i dident even make it to Kyler. Then a few weeks latter i tried again and fell in love to the point where almost all the other books i read could not compaire to your writing genius. how you write from his modest poit of view then show him as a “demigod” from others is increadble. I look forward to all your future books, but pleas come bakc to Midcyru soon. 🙂

  33. Lynchy says:

    Read these books a while back but only found the website when looking for more!! The first trilogy grabbed me as much as David Gemmel did so am really looking forward to black prism and the following trilogy where we may even see the night angel again!! Sweet!! something to read while the wife’s watching Emmerdale

  34. Kody says:

    I just finished reading your Night Angel series for the second time, and I still want more. This series is by far the best I have EVER read. The plot, the characters, the action….all of it was absolutely incredible. You’ve left me drooling for Black Prism. Keep up the great work!

  35. Tasha says:

    Man this is great news, I was really hoping you’d go straight back to Midcyru but I enjoy your writting style as much as the story so I’ll be reading this new series without a doubt.
    But seriously, you already said it, dear god never go back on your word.

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