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French Video Goodness

French Video Goodness

So a buddy stumbled across this. Pretty sure the sophisticated French commentary is identical to the plain English back cover blurb, unless my high school French has completely abandoned me. (I had to make the video tiny to make it fit in this column, so you should definitely expand it to the full screen. It loses a lot when it’s only the size of a postage stamp.)

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  1. Sweet.

    Too bad we never see that kind of stuff here in the US.

  2. Wish someone will translate this. I don’t know French so it’s killing me not knowing what they are saying.

  3. Translation please?

  4. Alright, translation you want, translation you have. Keep in mind expressions from a language to another are hard to translate because it may not sound good or make sense in english but i’m doing it literally so you get a taste of it. Enjoy:

    The perfect killer has no friends.
    He only has targets.
    For Durzo Blint murder is an Art.
    He is the most accomplished artist in the city as a cause of secret talents inherited from the night of times. (dawn of time if you insist)
    For Azoth survival is a struggle of every instant.
    The little rat of the Guild has learnt to judge people in one glance and take risks like proposing (“asking” would sound borring to the french)to Durzo Blint to become his apprentice but to be accepted him must start with leaving his old life and sacrifice what is most precious to him.
    Beware of the murderer.
    Discover The Way of Shadows of Brent……

    Hope this answers the questions. And now i’ve got go to Borders and buy it!Lol

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