Cover of Black Prism leaked!

So here I am, writing a book, trying to stitch together a subplot, when I oh-so-innocently launch Twitter. (Always a mistake. Always.) Turns out I have just been scooped. Some blogger posted my new, not-yet-supposed-to-be-released cover. In short order, in the way of the internet, so had someone else, with mild snark added. I’m not one to begrudge a legit scoop or a free side of snark, so a tip of the hat to The Mad Hatter Review and A Dribble of Ink. My lawyers should be contacting you any minute. (Just kidding. I don’t have lawyers; I’ve only got a crazy house elf who likes to sign Esquire after his name.)

Did I ever say that the internet age has weirded publishing? (Apologies to Bill Watterson.) I’m suddenly posting things on the internet about a book I Haven’t Even Finished Writing. I had a publication date before I had a delivery date. Things get out before they’re finalized. Amazon posts the book blurb that I made up Before I Wrote the Book. So…uh, the blurb on Mad Hatter’s page and on Amazon is all wrong. And spoileriffic. Not anyone’s fault. Orbit asked me what the book was about–you know, before the bought the book–and I told them as well as I knew at the time, including spoilers.

Strangely, I like to finish writing the book before I write the back cover blurb–then I know silly little details like What The Characters’ Names Are.

But hey, I’m just The Man, tryin’ to keep you down, Internet. (See, this is why I can’t begrudge free snark.)

And no, I’m not sure why I’m capitalizing random words. Pending German release, perhaps?

Anyway, here it is, in higher definition than you can find it anywhere else! If you can’t do it first, do it better, right?Black Prism cover(click if you can handle the awesomeness)

Did I mention I’m taking cold medicine right now? I think posting on the internet while taking cold medicine probably isn’t covered in my contract–but it will be next time.

Some things about this cover MAY change. But that will have to wait for another post. What do you think?

103 thoughts on “Cover of Black Prism leaked!

  1. I think I’d almost prefer the lawyer to the crazy house elf…



  2. this cover kicks much ass; the Color Wheel of Doom is especially worthy of capitalization. when will all the dudes in hoods be added?

  3. Robert says:

    Thats bad ass! i like how it is similar to The Night Angel Trilogy’s books. you know you should make those covers like a trade mark. that should be a constant on every book, one look and every person will be like “HEY ITS ONE OF BRENT’S BOOKS!!!!!!!!” it would be sort of iconic.

    P.S Thanks again for signing be book in San Francisco.

  4. Neo Windu says:

    This is just fantastic. I will be letting everyone know about this. Another book I’ll be dying to get my hands on. And the play of color is really what makes it work with the back and white figure. Adds so much to the mystery of the book. Black Prism, and yet he’s holding a “regular” prism in his hands. Can you wait?! Yea, me either

  5. Jayden says:

    personally, I think the green and red is a bit much, and the character itself could use a tad more colour.
    But hey, it’s interesting πŸ™‚

    And I agree. Having covers that look similar isn’t a bad thing for recognition. Plus, honestly, I’m much more interested in the story than the cover πŸ˜‰ Though I agree, it’s a selling point sometimes, if I don’t know an author yet.
    No trouble there for you πŸ˜›

    So, I like the style, I’d keep the colours around the had in one colour scheme if there isn’t anything to balance it out otherwise, but that’s, I think, personal preference.

  6. Allison says:

    I love how this cover is similar to the other covers. The covers were how I found your books the second time I went back to buy them… I almost was side track by a book with a white cover and some wizardy guy on the front, but I was like “this doesn’t sound nearly as awesome as when I read the back last time” and I kept looking until I found your books. Which I (and several of my friends) love. LOVE.

    We’re all excitedly waiting for your new one! Good luck finishing up!

  7. Nate Davis says:

    No, it’s really not a sequel! Or a prequel! Really! (Up BW brand, down trilogy brand.) But hey, at least the Mad Hatter site correctly apostrophied your name–strong work!

  8. Jonathan says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about the cover, I just want the book to be out so I can read it! I don’t think its at all possible to read The Night Angel trilogy anymore. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the new book!!!

  9. MG says:

    It’s pretty good for a cover with a real person.
    Personally I don’t like those in the fantasy genere. (Pls dont hate. Its my bias)

  10. Jonny says:

    Absolutely can’t wait. I prefer to avoid reading anything spoiler-esque. I want the book to catch me like a kick in the groin.

    I believe you’re referring to The Innocent Mage. It’s a good book if you enjoy reading about a guy filing paperwork until the last five pages.

  11. Rafaela says:

    I love the cover and I agree that it lets people know straight away who the author is! I also love the red, yellow and green. The guy could be a little more attractive though haha but maybe he isn’t meant to be πŸ™‚

  12. Jeni k says:

    I love the cover i think the two colors on the hand is really interesting and grabs your eye straight away.
    Kind of wish the guy had a hood on… does that sound a bit weird…maybe….

    Sorry to hear that the cover was leaked on the internet early, if it’s any consolation it must have been really good for them to try and leak it so early.

    Can’t wait for the next book, i couldn’t put down the last three books – i doubt this one will be any different.


  13. richard archer says:

    it is a awsome cover and the color is just right i think also i agree he should be a hood

  14. Chris says:

    Exceptional amount of goodness in that cover.

  15. Laura says:

    I love the new cover and can’t wait for the book to come out!!! I wish I could go to a signing but sadly I live way up in New Hampshire where we seldom get good book signings.

  16. Emily says:

    !!! Crazy house elf! I want one!

    The covers are definitely important…they tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but I bought the first Night Angel novel on a whim because the cover really grabbed my attention.

    Especially with fantasy novels, you don’t see a white cover that often, and I love how it stands out on my bookshelf. ^^

    Your writing style is really addictive and I’m looking forward to getting my (grubby, little) hands on Black Prism.

    P.S. I hope you get over your cold quickly.

  17. Jeremy says:

    The red and green makes it look a little odd with the real person. And I’m not sure, but is that an eye in the palm of his hand or is that just due to the mixture of colors?

  18. cody says:

    WOW! that is one hell of a bad ass cover, I love it. can’t wait to pick it up. i haven’t even read anything on the plot or details of this one cause i don’t wana spoil anything.

  19. Tyson Bruno says:


    I read the way of shadows in about 4 days. And I read Shadows edge in about a week. Still reading Beyond the shadows, just got it this morning and already got through 200 pages.

    The funny thing is I haven’t liked a single book before the Way of Shadows. I never thought i would ever like reading until i read The Night Angel Trilogy. It’s a riviting tale from start to finish. Filled with Betrayal, Love, Demons, Magic and War.

    I love your work Brent!

  20. Geoffrey says:

    hey i loved the night angel trilogy and that picture looked awesome i am a working on my own story idea and its authors like you that inspire me and i hope some day i can be as good at writing like you

  21. Dru says:

    Amazing cover! I hope you don’t change too much about it. So is this the beginning of a series or a stand alone novel? I can’t wait to get it! I’m sure that just like with the Night Angel trilogy I won’t be able to put it down once I pick it up!

  22. Cameron van Roon says:

    A stylish cover. However, the magic illustrated in that is ridiculously similar to the way I describe the magic in the novel I’m writing. If that pulsed and flickered. It would BE my invisioned magic. Unfair. πŸ™

  23. Surreal says:

    Wow. I honestly can tell you that the Night Angel trilogy kept me awake on many nights that I was supposed to be doing other more productive things. I absolutely CANNOT wait for this book. I hope it has extra’s like ‘The Way of Shadow’s’ did. I loved reading about your perspective on Vi and all the other characters.
    Speaking of characters, I loved the depth you put into them. Every character had flaws but resonated with hope. To me, your books are masterpiece. Get well soon. Happy writing.

  24. Jack says:

    Honestly, i liked the Night Angel Trilogy covers more. I liked it how you couldn’t really see Kylar’s face. Not saying your cover is bad, its pretty freaking cool, i just like the Night Angel one better.
    Cant wait to read it

  25. chris s says:

    wait,he’s coming out with a new book? dude that’s awsome!!!!!I so have to get it when it comes the cover by the way, I hope it doesn’t change to much.oh and is it posable to get signed books up here in canada?

  26. scott says:

    is this a continuation of the night angel trilogy

    1. brent says:

      This is not set in the same world as the Night Angel trilogy. It’s all new. Once we decide on a series title, it’ll say that more clearly on the cover.

  27. Wingsister says:

    I cannot wait for the book to come out. Was just browsing my favourite authors to find out when their newest book are coming out and I came across yours … on… The Angel Trilogy was awsome, can’t wait for the Prism Trilogy!

  28. Bobtmonkey says:

    I really like how the cover resembles that of the Night Angel Trilogy. I marks it as a “book written by Brent Weeks, so you must buy it!”

    One thing though is, for me at least, the colors greatly contrast the rest of the cover, kinda making the rest seem secondary. An example would be when I saw the cover my eyes immediately looked at the color, THEN looked at the rest. I didn’t even see the title till later on. Maybe use a darker shade to lessen the contrast?

  29. Core says:

    Dropping straight into a completely new world off the back of another trilogy is no mean feat. If i wore a hat, i’d tip it to you. As soon as your new book is released i’ll be leaping elbow-first into the nearest book store. (Although i’ll probably be kicked out for that.)

  30. Nuda says:

    whatever books you write, brent! I will buy and read them all !!! CANT WAITTTTT

  31. Rya says:

    Och! instead of a poor kid who’d fall asleep in math class because he read your book all night: i did the same with worse consequences! starting on your book the night before and exam is a bad bad idea.
    but finished the first book of the night angel trilogy and i’m absolutely hooked!! here i was telling myself that i had no time for addictions or withdrawal symptoms(which invariably follow) and i stumbled across your book. *sigh*
    πŸ™‚ any plans of coming to europe for booksigning?
    keep writing! and quick too!

  32. Artemis says:

    I personally am very impressed with the cover. I think the artist is trying to capture colors that are not usual and unique together. That is the mystery of the Black Prism. And Brent, your work is awesome, I own the Night Angel Trilogy and am looking forward to this as well.

  33. Austin says:

    I have four complaints:
    1. I would have preferred not to see his face. I like not to know what a character is supposed to look like.
    2. Needs more tthan just the red and green in the hand magic thingy( if it is a plot thing then nevermind).
    3. I like the fact that is resembles the covers of The Night Angel Trilogy, but I would have liked it to resemble them a little less.

    Other wise I love it and all thoughs things are pretty minor so you don’t need to listen to me aslong as this book is as good as the last three(I’m sure it will be).

    I can’t spell so sorry if anything is misspelled.

  34. Syku says:

    That’s an AWESOME cover. I read the comments from those two websites and I agree that it shows that it’s a ‘Brent Week’s book and doesn’t really give the book an individual identity. But frankly I wouldn’t want it to change. My heart jumped when you said the cover may change. Please nothing drastic! I DROOLED at the HD cover, thanks for that!

  35. Brendan says:

    Now to wait for the French cover!

  36. NickMo says:

    Just got done reading the Night Angel Trilogy. Stoked to see what you have coming out next. Keep up the great work! Dug the whole tension between Kylar and Vi. I wanted to know more about how those two end up after it all… mybe some other time and place. I’m hooked and ready for more!

  37. Sam says:

    I’ll be blunt – the cover sucks.

    The covers of the Night Angel trilogy books were perfectly fine, but something about this one irks me; it just doesn’t look good.

    That aside, covers do not matter too much to me. I will live on, but…

    …Hopefully the book is not as flawed as the Night Angel books were. I’ll be frustrated if a few little things prevent the book from realizing its brilliant potential and render it mundane…again.

  38. Mike says:

    I hope you finish it soon

  39. Giovanni Brown says:

    I’m actually at the book store right now and I wanted to see if you had any new books out that the store just didn’t have on the shelves. I am on my phone looking over your page right now. Anyways I just reread the first book and I have read all your other books once and just from The Night Night Angel series you are now my favorite author and I mean that in no way disrespectful to R.A. Salvatore or David Gemmel (RIP) but your books are amazing they grabbed me and sucked me in. I couldn’t stop reading that night I got it. So just stopping in to say thank you so much for expanding my imagination and giving me such a great gift!


  40. Jacinta says:

    love the cover. links to Night Angel but then its made individual from that series. looking forward to reading it. oh and night angel series was AMAZING!!!! i read a lot of books and urs is definatly drawing with for equal first favourite with the lord of the rings and harry potter.

  41. Matt says:

    I like the cover, but the purples seem to be too much on the pink side for my taste. Makes me want candy instead of fearing impending doom. πŸ™‚

    That being said, I am anxiously awaiting the new book and wish you luck jumping through all the hoops to make it happen quickly.

  42. Sandra says:

    I think the cover looks great!
    I just read the Night Angel books and you are now my favorite author, no disrespect to R.A Salvatore, David Gaider and Larry McMurtry..
    Your books are pure awesomeness and you have a way of making your characters come to life. Durzo Blint is now one of my favorite characters ever!
    Keep up the good work and I long for your new book.

  43. GMoney says:

    The cover looks fine. Who gives a s#$* about the color scheme. Just make sure this book kicks as much ass as the night angel trilogy.

  44. Kilroy says:

    Well, I just finished the night angel trilogy, decided to google it, and this page popped up, what’s the black prism business?

    anyway, to quote a friend of mine: “The Night Angel trilogy is so good its like something JR Tolkien wrote right before he got lv.99 Writing skills”

  45. Hannah says:

    Assuming the same person did both covers, who is the illustrator? I love the style, though the night angel covers were slightly better looking.

  46. George says:

    This is kick ass

  47. JC says:

    Love it. I like how it looks like your other book covers, as everyone pointed out (I’m just trying to fit in!). Can wait to read it!

  48. Starhammer says:

    Awesome sauce.

    It is stylistically cohesive with the Night Angel books and is instantly recognizable as ‘Brand Weeks’ – and it just plain looks cool on it’s own.

    I like the way that that the figure is somewhat muted in color save what’s in his hand. It screams ‘magic’ and also draws the eye to the right spot – just above the books title, thus the eye slips right into reading said title.

    I can’t wait to see the French version though =P

  49. tony says:

    lol this is WAAAAY up towards the top, but jonny is SO right about the Innocent mage books….only reason i finished them, was because i kept waiting for him to “Awaken” big let down….but back to the awseomness that is YOU!!!

    I read all three books in about 4 days. I couldnt put them down, i actually called in sick to work so i could finish, sad right?!

    Im dying for your new book and i hope there is a bit more wit in this one. there were only a few spots in the Night Angel books that were funny, but when they came i couldnt help but let a laugh burst out. you made it count while at the same time not making the characters look like idiots.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  50. Martin A says:

    I loved the Night Angel trilogy; one of the most compelling reads of this year for me. I’d say there’s a good chance I will like this one too. (The cover is pretty cool, BTW.) Bring it on!

  51. donny says:

    Front cover looks good. cant wait for the book.

    Need a Durzo Blint chroincles. All his past lives, i think its safe to say im not the only 1 who would like to read that

  52. Sam says:

    hey man i love your books and i want to tell you they didn’t let me do anything but read for 2 weeks straight. anyways the cover is good except the colors the main character needs colors and Green and Red are a terrible color combination, unless its for Christmas. try red and black or yellow and blue or something to give it a spice and not something with Christmas colors.
    lol anyways good luck and i will look forward to your next book hopefully it is as dark as the other one

  53. Giovanni Brown says:

    I agree with having a Durzo Blint chronicles that would be amazing. And also after reading your books and reading the posts it strikes me as even if the cover of the book series isn’t the most insane awesome thing ever, well Brent Weeks writing alone will make the readers comeback for this new series. i mean the Night Angel Series was so off the wall that if you don’t want to read everything that Brent Week writes then you shouldn’t be reading fiction. I mean seriously after i finished his last book i even read the writer Bio and i never read that. Keep up the great work and i cant wait to see more of your books up on Barnes & Nobles shelf’s.

  54. Giovanni Brown says:

    Also about the innocent mage series… yeah the covers were very catching but the outcome of the book left me disapointed. I thought that with all the sad parts and loss of main characters that it would have a great ending but the ending wasn’t what i thought it would be. Just my opinion not trying to be mean to the writer who i think is Karen Miller? but yeah The innocent mage covers were similar to the Night Angel series and both of the books attracted my attention because of the cool covers.

  55. Paulie says:

    Can’t wait til it comes out, I’m a huge fan due to the brilliance of the night angel trilogy, I’m currently trying to find more of your work on the book shelves hopefully before I finish the last book in the series.

    Off topic of my post, I’d love to see a Durzo Blint Chronicles as well, how long did he live, 700 years or so? Each book a new adventure from the life of durzo blint, that’d be so awesome.

    Anyways, I’ll be checking the book stores weekly for your work, I’m in a “Must” for getting another Brent Weeks book.

  56. Puddle says:

    that is so f#@$ing kickass it is not even funny i love the night Angel trilogy and i cant wait for the next ones i am in love with the way that this author writes it is riviting and fantastic i hope that the rest of his books will be as wonderful as his other books are

  57. mike says:

    I agree, chronicles of Durzo Blint would be an amazing addition to the world within the Night Angels Trilogy. I enjoyed each one of the books. In all honesty, I bought the book because a Border’s employee reccomended it, however, the second I had opened The Way of Shadows, I was mesmerized, and ended up picking up Shadow’s Edge about 3 days later. Keep up the great work, Brent; and I’m looking forward to your newest creation.

  58. Jess says:

    I Loved your books I just finished them. I really find your work intriguing and AMAZING I love to read books and I love fantasy. I do have to say I think it was the cover of the books that really got me to get them they are amazing. Book covers are always important and I think the one for The Black Prism is really good. I think the color scheme works I personally like the pop of the red, green, and yellow in it, it adds flavor, mystery, and magic to it. Also the misty cloudy magical floaty black stuff is really neat it kind of gives you chills:). All in all I just really like it. The artist who created it is amazing and your writing is spectacular!!!

  59. D says:

    Cover is cool, the smoky detailing is my favorite part.

  60. Randy says:

    I just finished Beyond the shadows like not even 5 minutes ago…. I WANT A FOURTH BOOK! I want to know what happens to the babies… Looking forward to “The Black Prism”. I never use to like to read… but I read all 3 books in trilogy and you’ve left me wanting more… can’t wait!

  61. O'Rion says:


  62. O'Rion says:

    I loved the Night Angel Trilogy. I am looking forward to this upcomming book, I wont put it down till it’s read

  63. chad says:

    Prefer the cover styles of the French Night Angel books. Not digging covers that show a real person as the character… but hey its the story that matters :D.

  64. Darakna says:

    *Faints – can’t handle the awesomeness*

    OMG OMG! Love it! I don’t really know anything about the new book, because I’m from small country where you don’t get a lot of news about English books! But I LOVE Night Angel since the first day I saw it at the store (and bought if of course, since I can’t get pass an awesome looking book without buying it – it’s a curse, what can I say =P)! There’s nothing like well described fights (and assassin work) and some MAN HUMOR to make me all happy =)).
    And internet really is the devil. A couple of authors were in your position and even their partly written story leaked out – THE HORROR! Don’t let it happen to you! Better disconect everything, or write and research on two different computers (one without the net, and the other with).
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait for to see how it turned out and better hire some hacker to make up a firewall worthy of the CIA sites. XD


  65. Antonio says:

    His books are great but the covers are awful, the book titles are also pretty bad. Still the book itself is great.

  66. Cory says:

    Loved the other books. Cant wait for this one. I think the cover looks great and I cant wait to read it. Will it be a series?

    By the way….can I have a house elf?

  67. Scott Pratschner says:

    I tend to agree with what Chad said above, in that a real person on the cover tends to railroad the reader’s mind on a character’s description a bit. A cowl, or slightly blurred or shadowed face would leave more to the imagination I think. Other than that, I really like the sense of action and suspense the image portrays.
    I’m really looking forward to your next winner!

  68. Alex says:

    I love the Night Angel Trilogy. It is 1 of the best books I’ve red. My dad got me to read ‘the way of shadows’ and I loved it. I’m looking forward to reading The Black Prism and I can tell this is going to be really good!! πŸ™‚

  69. Daniel says:

    Cover looks great, loved the Night Angel series, had more fun reading it the second time and seeing how well everything was woven together.

    Look forward to reading the next series though I’m disappointed that it’s not set in the same world. I hope you do more in it. I loved the magic system you introduced.

  70. L says:

    Wow, this news just reached me and all I can say is that I’m incredibly excited.

    I’m hyped, stoked, and all other manners of happy anticipation.

    I just need to avoid any and all spoilers until it is released. XD

  71. Brittany V says:

    I love the Night Angel Trilogy covers with the hidden face it left me to come up with a picture for the character based on the description, not the picture on the cover.

  72. Jake says:

    Hey, i know your scheduale no doubt prevents you from reading this but just wanted to say that YOU are one helluvan author!
    Im soooooo glad i let my bro drag me to the bookstore that fateful day, because i absolutely love your work.
    Awesome cover too! My first impression is that this main character is gonna be an Archmage too.
    Im so glad i gave you a couple of pages, because you really did give me a helluva ride! (Yes, i loved it so much that i even read the achnowledgements… ohwell, im quite the strange one anyway…)

  73. Jimmy says:

    Well, I believe that his book DID say something to this effect, I think its “word always gets out” Well, guess he’s right!

  74. alex c says:

    i agree, you need a Durzo Blint chronicles, Personally, Durzo Blint his the awesomeniest character ever created in the history of life. the way he just kick ass without any efort what so ever.

    and love the new cover, if you change anything it better be nothing major. i knew it was a brent week book the second i seen it.

    oh, and if you ever make a new seris in the world of the night angel. MAKE IT ABOUT DURZO BLINT. i was very dissepointed when i seen your making a new world.

    anyway, excuse my spelling, i was never a good speller. anyway, the sad part is that the new book is probebly already better then the others. good luck finishing

  75. Lisa says:

    I love the cover!
    Even though it seems odd that the person’s whole face is showing. I guess I’m just too used to the Night Angel covers XD
    Man, I’ll definitely have to buy this once it’s out D:

  76. Ana says:

    I’m from Spain so before I start I apologize for my ortography. Well the cover is quite good, but I prefer something more alike to the Night Angel Trilogy, something more about the guy there. He doesn’t look bad but I prefer something with more fantasy (not need to be an elf but something more like, this is going to be interesting just looking at the cover).

    Well I hope you finish soon! I love the trilogy although my English is not that good to understand everything ^^

  77. Tristax says:

    This cover just crushed my dreams for your new book. I loved the NA covers but this just looks like some low budget male model who probably hasn’t read a single fantasy book in his life.

    I hate, I mean absolutely hate seeing the face of a character. Now, no matter how you describe it or how I would of liked to picture it…I’m stuck thinking of this pansy male model.

    He doesn’t look evil, he doesn’t look bad ass…he looks like he belongs in some cologne ad.

    It also makes me worried about the story. I mean the NA covers were awesome! So by copying them are you saying that you only have one awesome idea in your head? I really don’t think this is the case but it looks weak. I’m already wondering how many parallels to the NA universe there will be just based on someone not having an original idea for the cover.

    If you can’t tell, I feel pretty strongly about this. Disclaimer: I’m a graphic designer.

    The Night Angel series was one of the best set of books I’ve read in a long time. Absolutely awesome, that’s why I’m so passionate about this new book.

    90% of the people saying they love the cover are just trying to kiss your ass. The other 10% just have bad taste, haha.

    Don’t worry, I’ll still buy it and I’m positive my rant won’t change a thing but hey, at least I got it off my chest.

  78. Paul says:

    Kylar can take him no problem >D

    As far as the cover goes…I don’t think I like the model. His face just is not working for me. He looks too happy to be in battle. That is, unless the character is some cynic who just wants to blast thing in the face.

    Its fine then.

    GIVE ME THE BOOK MR.WEEKS. I will win another competition for it.

  79. megan says:

    Holy crapper’s! A new book! Forgive my spelling but this is the awesomist moment in my life!! I have been looking every where for a good book to read recently some romance and John Flannagan’s newest release popped out so I’m content but I am definitely putting this and the 4th book for the inheritance cycle on my must spend when I don’t have cash list!!!!! Love the cover and yeah i agree keeping the guys face covered gives the book an air of mystery and power. Still the cover tells what kind of book this will be…AWESOME!!! I would also like to know what do I have to do to have you come over in the midwest like Illinois for a book signing? I see you in Cali and the east coast but it would be nice to have you in the midwest!

    All the luck in writing and peacie pie barn to you man!

  80. Jordan says:

    K ya awsome you made a new book cover, but ya, I’m not going to be a total fag and say how much this is the best moment of my life. But yeah, the book has always been better than your cover. If you’re making a new book please make it like the others. Yeah the covers great but the book itslef is way better. Anyway, grats Brent.

  81. oscar says:

    CANT WAIT! I dont even read books often, and I cant wait to read this.

  82. Joe says:

    That cover immediately screamed trashy romance novel to me for some reason. I also think the less facial features you show on a cover the better. It obscures the readers imagination. But irregardless, I will buy it and read it! Keep up the good work!

  83. mario says:

    dude i cant wait for the Black Prism to come out…if it is half as good as the night angel trilogy it will still b awesome…keep up the good work

  84. Josh Cook says:

    i love the cover and i cant wait to read it. when are you releasing it and are you going to have a signing in WV?

  85. Jody says:

    Absolutely love this cover!!! Really looking forward to your next work.
    Night Angel Trilogy rulezz!!

  86. Sonny says:

    I think the cover looks ok, I really miss the cloaked figure, as opposed to the person on the cover of Black Prison. In the night angel series I could kind of make my own kind of kylar because of the cloak, but now the character is already set on the front cover. Really miss my imagination taking over.

    Also it doesn’t quite look like someone in the time period of the Night Angel trilogy, it somehow looks more modern.

    I have to say I like the kylars better, just some feedback.

  87. imanoutkast says:

    After skimming through the first half of the comments, I think the general consensus is that showing his face is probably a bad idea. I agree. The hooded figures on The Night Angel books were great (That’s why I bought the first one after all), but I wouldn’t repeat it myself. Maybe just more shadowed. I think everyone loves to “draw” on the details themselves.

    As for the color I think it should stay. EYE CATCHER! Maybe spread it out just a bit, and use a notch less contrast.

  88. Cerviel says:

    Oh wow nice, a new book ^^. Looking forward to it

  89. Nathan says:

    I would have to agree with Sonny (above me) on both of his points. I think the person looks a bit too modern, I dont know why, he just does. I also dont like how the whole face is presented to me. I liked the cloaked Kylar so i could imagine most of him on my own. Even though I will, most likley, still create my own world and characters in my own mind, it’s still something to consider. The multi-color hand effect seems a bit much. I liked the one color thing you had going in the NA trilogy.

    Any revisions would be for new readers though. Because a fan such as myself would buy this book if the cover was hot-pink with flowers on it

  90. cindy says:

    I confess that i am 36yr old mum who untill twilight had no interest in reading, your books were one of my first reads after i got the reading bug and wow u really got me hooked.

    So for newbe’s like me the cover is important coz we have no clue at first wot is good and wot is not we go for somthing that catches the eye

    Keep up the smoke theme its hot and so is ur new cover u should try it with gold and silver on a cover also

  91. Ralen says:

    I’ve done a lot of reading and I have to admit this is the best trilogy I’ve ever read, in my top 5 best series list. Keep up the good work, i’m a life-long fan now.

  92. Alex says:

    Love the cover. Hate the names of the characters in the blurb. I HOPE they’re not the names that will actually be used…

  93. Michael says:

    So the cover looks wicked, and I doubt this matters at all but really, the one bit of colour probably should be balanced out a bit more, (maybe the pattern?) but I like the uneven effect it has.
    Well I don’t know any better, and you don’t really need some snazzy cover to sell a book.
    Your writing is brilliant, your characters even more so, and I am forever envious.
    Just doing my part to inflate your ego.

  94. Destiny says:

    Alright man. Okay, while the cover is freakishly amazing, you have to notice one thing! It’s a copy of how the Night Angel books were made in their cover! (bad grammar, shh) If you wanna do that, fine. But you should find a way to make that your signature cover. That wasy if somebody sees it, they don’t need to check it closely to know you’ve written in! Is it posible to copyright it? I dunno. But I think if you publish any books outside the Night Angel Trilogy with that cover, you’re going to hav to do it all the time. Just a warning. If this book is even half as good as Beyond the Shadows, I will faint after reading it πŸ™‚

  95. Destiny says:

    Also! Sorry, I forgot to say this last time there.. If you keep this cover, I love the multi-colour thing going on there, but I think the red should be toned down. Maybe add a different colour, or enlarge the purple.

  96. Glenn says:

    I think his face should at least be half hidden. It makes it more mystical (is that the word I’m looking for?).

  97. Tanya says:

    Hello, I love your novels. Your covers are what grabbed my attention and your writing is what kept me coming back for more. As a professional artist, I think this is a start to a wonderful cover that will catch readers eyes; however, I do think the man looks like he is holding the blade a little awkwardly (Although that might be because the blade is going in front of the Best Selling Author. I think it should go behind it.) You may want to darken his face and clothes a little more and perhaps make the bags under his eyes less noticeable.

  98. charlie says:

    I like the contrast all of your covers have had being mostly white with a Black clothed character, kinda ying yang to me. However I can’t say that I ever identified the cover character from the Night Angel series. To me the character illustration looked created by someone that had not read the book,(books) The weapons didn’t make sense to me, I didn’t know Kylar ran around with a samurai sword. Also if your going to only have one character on the three covers and not hint to the world or other characters, why not show how the character evolves or deteriorates across the covers hinting to me the peril and triumph ahead? And also i’d say fight the good fight! I think the cover is the first opportunity for communication to potential readers, you should be involved with its look, finish, etc, as much as you are with writing the actual books. Just my opinion buddy, I loved your night angel trilogy and will be looking out for whatever you write in the future regardless of the cover!

  99. Rob says:

    Is the Black prism going to be based in the same lands? time? have anything to do with the night angel series?

    I loved the night angel series but the ending was extremely quick and left me feeling like your fatalist.

  100. Mandie says:

    I am a 24 year old South African …… well, let’s stick to female ……. i’m too young too be called a woman yet. That would imply being adult and my inner child still rules my body.

    I came across the fisrt book of the trilogy by chance in a second hand book store and being a fantasy fanatic, loving to read new Authors and conciddering the price was just right i bought it. Let me tell you, i think i fell in love with Brent within the first 50 pages.

    By the time i finished the book i had already planned an attack on all book stores in and around my area to locate the next 2 books!

    Paying R156.00 for each of the new books put a pretty big dent in my budget but i’d do it again 1 000 000 000 times!

    I really look forward to the next book and, slight of saying my life depends on it, i’ll settle for I MUST POSSES IT!!!!!

    (I agree about the colors of the cover ….. everything else is pretty awesome!)

  101. Zachary says:

    In my opinion this cover makes more sense than the one that was published! It conveys the story more. And what I suspect is the whits luxin dagger, actually looks white!!

  102. mike says:

    Honestly i feel like the change in the cover art was a smart move. it brings more thought into what the book could be about. To me a new reader i some times choose books on there cover art. One with a thought out cover to me generally has a pretty good story behind it.

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