Cover Launch for The Black Prism

(Click to enlarge. Credit: Richard Jones.)

As we shared previously (see the November post about the leak below), the working image for the cover of The Black Prism came out a few months back. Now, I am pleased to release the final cover art for The Black Prism.

Releasing new covers is, quite honestly, tricky. From a business standpoint, you want people who enjoyed the Night Angel books but can’t even remember my name to be able to identify that these new books are Brent Weeks books. At the same time, you want to let people know that this is a new series, that the feel of these books is new and different, and basically (if you’re Orbit) appeal to the greatest audience possible. This is made harder if every Tom, Dick, and Harry now has a cover with a hooded man with a sword. (Orbit appears to have started a small trend with my last covers.) What I really appreciate about Orbit is that they didn’t settle with a “good enough” cover. The last cover looked good, in my opinion. It communicated that this was  a Brent Weeks book; and it was visually striking, but it just wasn’t quite perfect for these books. I understood the decision, and focused on making The Black Prism the best book I could.

Then Orbit did this. Very gutsy, very different, very cutting edge. Is it a bit of a gamble? Yes. Do I appreciate that? Absolutely.

Lauren Panepinto is a genius. More about Orbit’s cover launch of The Black Prism here. With non-spoiler-y back cover blurb!

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  2. Ruaan

    I will not read it until the cover does not look like a romantic drama anymore. I don’t find it creative or fitting a great work of fiction as all of the ‘Way of Shadow’ series has been. I hope it will soon be adorned by a much better cover so I can continue my collection.


    • Taylor

      Who cares? Its just the cover, as long as the book is good I don’t care what it looks like. If you care so much just buy the hard back and take of the sleeve off.

  3. James

    I cant wait for it who care what the cover looks like
    the night angel trilogy was awsome so these books should be rlly good

  4. greg h.

    Just got the book last week, and finished it this morning.
    Awesome book! I deffinatley look forward to reading more of Brent
    Weeks’ books. I’m afraid I have to put my ignorance on display for
    a moment, and ask a question that’s been nagging at me. Just who is
    it on the cover? For a while, I was thinking Gavin (right up until
    he drops into the green prison) so I’m guessing his tie in is with
    the knife. Kip’s too young, which I guess leaves Dazen? Big fan,
    please enlighten, Greg


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